Completed 10 years in the consulting and research field. A highly complex business for many to understand as consulting can be a highly abused term in the markets we operate in. Summarizing my key takeaways from the last 10 years:

  1. Client is not always right
  2. Telling a client what not to do or a “no-go” will hold you in high esteem in the long run
  3. Repeat business is key for your own confidence and also confirms that you are doing something right
  4. Always focus on “adding value”, everything else as a client strategy is short lived
  5. Stand by your numbers and be able to defend your report and recommendations
  6. While it’s good to know your competitors and their offerings; stand for the values you believe in. Then the “competition” becomes irrelevant as clients want to work with YOU
  7. In case of any client dispute or difference in opinion, try and solve it amicably. Our business is a lot about leaving with the right vibes even if you decide to walk away
  8. Be on top of your proposals but don’t chase them too much after submission. Brings your bargaining power down
  9. It’s good to specialize in ONE thing then to do everything
  10. There is a limit one can bend, after a point you have to walk away irrespective how big or small the client is. Lastly, remain humble, polite and grounded